Stern Show Team Building Exercise

September 14, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The whole staff did a team building exercise last week and from the sounds of it, certain people enjoyed it more than others. The day featured a custom scavenger hunt designed by Accomplice.

Gary responded to reports that he was climbing on scaffolding, explaining that he thought the point of it initially was to break into a building that everyone was told to meet at. So he was climbing around looking for keys and stuff until the guide came and he realized it wasn’t the game.

JD came into the studio after it was revealed that he stepped into dog shit only minutes into the day and also immediately began sweating profusely (along with Scott Salem and Jason Kaplan). JD and Will were also reportedly fighting most of the day.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The staff was divided into four groups and while three of the groups finished successfully and on time, the last group, which had the likes of Sal and Steve Brandano on it finished an hour-and-a-half later, Gary told Howard.