The Wack Pack Is In Full Force

September 14, 2015
Doc Ivan Doc Ivan

Howard said he’s received a ton of feedback that people are upset Bobo is back. Moreover, Bobo started Periscoping like Jeff the Drunk and High Pitch Erik, and his streams have been absolutely ridiculous.

Shuli came in to the studio to play clips he recorded of Bobo reading from his diary during the ban (or band depending on who you ask). On Day 9, Bobo even got emotional, coaxing himself, “Composure Bobo.”

Later, Evil Dave Letterman called in to answer some questions about his thoughts about his “Late Show” replacement, Stephen Colbert. After the bit, Howard pulled the curtain back a bit to show how difficult it is to get Evil Dave to do anything since he doesn’t have an email or fax machine. Howard played a clip of Will trying to coach Dave on some lines, which is very clearly not an easy task.

The focus then turned to Jeff the Drunk’s Periscope account, which Shuli said he tuned in to over the weekend, only to find Jeff actually crying because of leg pain and his lack of friends. Jeff has been receiving a ton of gifts as a result of his Amazon wish list and called in to complain he now had too many boxes.

“This is insane,” Howard concluded.