Bravo Star Andy Cohen Drops By

September 29, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The Stern Show’s new neighbor Andy Cohen dropped by after launching Radio Andy on SiriusXM’s channel 102 earlier this month and had lots to say about his new venture as well as his celebrity friends.

Radio Andy on Channel 102

Andy’s new channel kicked off on Sept. 14 and though his high-energy persona was on full display the first couple of days, Howard said everyone has seen him looking a little rundown lately.

Cohen said it’s tiring, but he loves doing it. He’s at Sirius once a week and records the rest at his “Watch What Happens: Live” studio. For his staff, Andy said he hired only people that he knows and loves – Sandra Bernhard has a show five days a week, Lance Bass hosts a show, and there will be much more coming in the future.

Still Searching for the Right Man

Speaking of Lance Bass, Howard wanted to know what happened to Andy and Lance’s romance. “It ran its course,” Andy said. “It was a boat-mance. We were both on boats that were in tandem.”

While he hasn’t found the right guy quite yet, Andy told Howard that he is on Tinder and he’s found some success with Instagram direct messaging – the latter of which surprised Howard. “I have wound up meeting people, yeah,” Andy confirmed.

On Tour With Anderson Cooper

Andy is on tour now with Anderson Cooper in what they’re calling AC2. Basically they interview each other and then open it up to the audience to interview them. “It’s so fun!” Andy told Howard.

Howard wondered why Andy and Anderson don’t hook up considering they were set up once. Though they have been friends for over 20 years, the romance just isn’t there.

“We had a phone call, which I thought went great,” Andy remembered. “And he said that he could just see me flailing around on the phone and that I was too enthusiastic for him … It was too much for him.”

Ranking the Men of the Stern Show

Before coming on this morning, Andy took the time to rank the men on staff at the Stern Show in order of attractiveness and the results surprised some people.

One caveat that he noted though was that if KC Armstrong was still on staff, he’d have been “number one with a bullet.” In his absence though, Will Murray took the top billing with Fred Norris coming in a close second and Howard in third. On the other end of the spectrum, Gary Dell’Abate came in dead last.

Howard scoffed at coming in third, asking Andy if he was that high just because it was his show. “I like a big guy … I have always maintained that your dick is bigger than you say,” Cohen fired back.

In Response to Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville was on the Stern Show in July and Howard played a clip for Andy where he asked her if she thought Andy liked her, to which she replied: “That a good question.”

“She sent me a long email actually after that appearance … about where she thinks it went wrong or why she thinks that,” the “Housewives” executive producer recounted. “And I sent her a long email back – very thoughtful and responding to everything she said. And I think we’re great now.”

The issue with Brandi, Andy thinks, was that she got isolated to a point where “she was on an island.” And she is now in a place where none of them want to be with her.

John Mayer Is a Great Wing Man

Later in the morning Andy told Howard about the time he and fellow Deadhead John Mayer took a road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco together where Mayer would join Bob Weir, Bill Kreutzmann, and Mickey Hart onstage.

It just so happened that when they got there, the San Francisco gay pride was happening and Andy wanted to go out, so he took John along to the gays bars and they “had a blast.”

“It’s always good to go out with another guy who people are gonna want to be around,” Andy said of Mayer.