Show Rundown: Wednesday September 30, 2015

Emily Blunt, the star of Sicario, comes by, Howard celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of his firing from WNBC, and more!

September 30, 2015

Good Morning Everybody!

The show opened with an official drum roll from Fred in order for Howard to make an announcement: “It’s the 30th anniversary of our firing from WNBC – that’s today.”

Back on that fateful day, Gary had the foresight to record the official message from then-General Manager John Haynes, which was playing every hour, and Howard replayed it for the audience this morning.

“I think they thought they’d nip me in the bud,” Howard said. “Well, they were nervous because they did offer me $50,000 if I promised them that I would never work in New York and go to Los Angeles.”

Subsequently, Howard explained, of course the station tanked after firing them. “There is no WNBC,” Robin concurred.

Howard also remembered John Haynes once pulling him into his office and demanding: “Robin is not to read the news anymore,” because she wasn’t doing it the way everyone else at the station was – to which Howard responded that maybe he should fire all of the other newscasters since he and Robin had the highest ratings.

We can all see who came out on top of this disagreement …