Show Rundown: Monday October 5, 2015

Claire Danes stops by to talk Homeland, Seth Rogen calls in from Michael Strahan's dressing room, and more!

October 5, 2015

Broadway Bill Lee Rhymes Us Into The Show

The Top 40 talk-up stylings of Broadway Bill Lee (the radio DJ Kidd Chris turned Howard on to) opened the show today as Howard wondered whether that was what he was supposed to do at WNBC. Gary thought it must just be a Broadway Bill thing though.

It’s not just the verbal aspect too; the station records Lee on camera and he looks so damn happy with himself. “He has such a look of pleasure!” Howard exclaimed. “He’s f-ckin’ on fire!”

One of the morning’s first prank calls came from Sal, who tried to order a pizza with Spyder Harrison doing his best Top 40 talk-up and ultimately they just had to tell the delivery guy it was a prank because he kept believing them.

Later, Howard did a few impressions himself, but decided that he couldn’t make a career out of it. “I don’t think I could do it; I’d have a heart attack.”