Show Rundown: Tuesday September 29, 2015

Andy Cohen drops by the Stern Show to catch up with Howard and give a preview of his new channel, Radio Andy, on SiriusXM

September 29, 2015

Sex Tips & Tapes

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard started off acknowledging the flood of emails from people who were disgusted by Ronnie’s analingus tips. Fred clarified that it was mostly women who were offended.

Chad in St. Louis called in to ask what everyone thought about the prospect of Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband releasing their sex tape. Howard said he didn’t care because J.Lo has always been so unfriendly to him – even though he knows her sister and they have some mutual friends.

Fred remembered that when Suge Knight was on the show he actually talked about the sex tape and said that the Pamela Lee sex tape was PG compared to it.

“It’s A Musical Morning”

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said he was bragging about Robin at a charity benefit they both went to recently and really got their table going, asking if people knew Robin was a shock trauma nurse and captain in the Air Force. He continued, asking if they knew she once killed a shark with her surfboard, which they seemed to believe.

After a few tribute parody songs in Robin’s honor, Howard laughed about when Eli Braden, Little Mikey, and Psych – the three main orchestrators of the Robin songs – fight amongst each other if they think their toes are getting stepped on.

Dinner With Dr. Agus

Last night Howard went out to dinner with the renowned physician, best-selling author, and Robin’s savior, Dr. Agus.

Along with a variety of health advice and tabletop probing, Dr. Agus clarified that we shouldn’t be worried about cancer from objects like cell phones and smart watches because research hasn’t shown any uptick in diagnoses in the past decade.

The more you know!

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