Bobo & His Toupee Both Call In

September 30, 2015
By Mike Hampton By Mike Hampton

Bobo’s wife convinced him to do one final Periscope for his “fans” after vowing to give it up based on Howard’s prodding yesterday. Fred, for one, thinks “there’s no way he’s stopping.”

Apparently Bobo was really bummed out by his “Toupee” calling in — making him the second Wack Packer to be be plagued by betrayal from within their own household (the first of whom was Jeff the Drunk and his Lump).

Speaking of Bobo’s “Toupee,” he’s becoming a big celebrity in his own right as evidenced by his phone call today in which he was accompanied by none other than “Charlie Sheen.”

Before hanging up, Bobo had an important question for Howard: “Have you ever had a photo session with Beth that led into steamy sex?”