Show Rundown: Tuesday October 20, 2015

Jimmy Kimmel sits in on the Stern Show and Howard surprises him with a party featuring Wack Packers like Tan Mom, Medicated Pete, and more!

October 20, 2015

Good Morning Everybody!

Howard opened the show discussing the BET Awards — which he watched on TV recently — and said he couldn’t understand a word any of the artists were rapping. “I don’t mean to sound like an old white guy … but I am,” he told to Robin, before joking that it sounds like “what I used to hear before I got my ass kicked in Roosevelt Long Island.” Howard played one from rapper Rich Homie Quan called “Flex.”

Robin set him straight, noting that he’s been “out of the hood” for so long.

Catching Flak From Leno

Photo: NBC via Getty Images

Howard and Jimmy both reflected on the ridiculous insults former late night host Jay Leno has been hurling at them in the media. To Leno’s credit though, Kimmel thought that it must be coming from the media asking him about them, not Jay bringing it up out of nowhere.

Interestingly though, Jimmy recounted a story that he neglected to tell Howard about Jay from a year ago. Apparently Kimmel and Leno were stuck in a room together during Emmy rehearsals for two awkward 15-20 minute intervals where they ended up conversing a little. Jimmy said he acknowledged when he got there that it was an awkward situation, but made small talk and told Leno he’d call him at some point. Afterwards though, Jimmy rethought it and decided he had nothing to say to Jay and wouldn’t call.

And with that, before Robin began the news, Jimmy had to depart to prepare for his own show.

More Highlights From The Morning

Howard told listeners that he received a beautiful note from Jon Anderson of the band Yes who told him that he’s had some tough times recently, but listening to the Stern Show really cheers him up.

JD is super excited about “Star Wars” and thinks the movie looks “great” based on the latest trailer.

The Backstreet Boys tweeted in support of the Stern Show and expressed their disdain for Bobo.

Photo: Twitter

More Bobo-trashing came from Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack Morris from “Saved By The Bell”), who was on the Wrap Up Show last week and absolutely slammed the frequent caller and Wack Packer. “Go f-ck yourself with this off the cuff’ shit,” he directed at an absent Bobo, who took major offense to it. “Yeah it comes out to jealousy … I probably have more of a fan base than him,” he fired back today.

Photo: Chris Hatcher / PR Photos

And Now It’s Time For News!