Bradley Cooper’s Professional Life Is at a Noine

Actor returns to promote his film "Burnt"

October 21, 2015

Bradley Cooper dropped by ahead of the release of his latest film, “Burnt,” which both Howard and Robin loved after seeing advance copies. Beth Stern went to an airing recently as well and said that it made her cry. Moreover, aside of the movie, Bradley has entered the ranks of A-list celebrities and maintains his status as a sex symbol. Check out some highlights from the interview below.

‘Burnt’ Is No Easy Gig

When it comes to playing the part of a chef, Cooper took his job very seriously. He studied with the greats and made sure to put in the time and dedication to make the movie as real as possible.

“Did you believe?” he asked Howard, who told him resoundingly that he did. “I watched you slice. When you had your knives, I watched you cut, and you looked like a f-cking chef.”

Bradley explained that the cast did all of the cooking and he even stayed “for three days for inserts.”

In Response to Amy Schumer Joke

If you watched Amy Schumer’s monologue during her hosting gig on “SNL” a couple of weeks ago you may have caught her hilarious story about meeting Bradley a couple of times. Though he didn’t see it live, Cooper told Howard that his publicist told him afterwards and he watched it up online.

But according to him, it all goes back to a prior encounter. Listen above for the full story.

What’s the Deal With Jennifer Lawrence?

“Talk to me about this relationship acting-wise with Jennifer Lawrence,” Howard prompted Bradley. “Is she becoming sort of the woman that you have the most chemistry with? Or is this happening by accident?”

“It’s really due to David O. Russell – that’s how this is happening,” Cooper explained. After the director brought them together to do “Silver Linings Playbook,” Lawrence asked him to do “Serena” next and Russell brought them back for “American Hustle” (though they’re not actually in any of the scenes together). Next the two will star together in “Joy,” (also a Russell project) which comes out Christmas Day. “We got along great,” he offered.

Howard also wondered what Bradley thought of J.Law speaking out about revelations from the Sony hack of pay disparity between genders. “[I]s it really about sexism or is it really about who’s the bigger star?” Howard questioned.

Cooper, who spoke out in support of Lawrence’s statement, said that the great thing about the effect of what she did is that it started the conversation. “Every place I’ve gone in the last week for ‘Burnt,’ I mean, that’s all people are asking about, which is great,” he said.

Bradley also wondered if it would be better in Hollywood to follow the tennis method of presenting people with their monetary reward out in public with those big checks.

A Future in “Guardians of the Galaxy”?

Fans of Bradley’s Rocket Raccoon in “Guardians of the Galaxy” can rest assured that he will be returning in his role for the second installment despite rumors of otherwise.

“Of course,” he answered definitively. “I thought I was already doing it.”

Inside the Actors Studio” Questions

By now most everyone has seen the clips of a young Bradley, who was a film student at the time, eagerly asking Sean Penn and Robert De Niro questions from the audience at “Inside The Actors Studio,” but hearing him recount the experience from his own memory is even better than watching the clips.

Listen above as Bradley tries to remember what was going through his head at the time. Additionally, check out Bradley’s memories of later working with De Niro below!