Behind The Scenes Of Howard On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

October 26, 2015
Photo: Facebook

Everyone has been talking about Howard’s appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” since it aired last Friday night, but this morning all the talk was about what happened backstage and off the air.

First off, Howard gave Ronnie The Limo Driver (and head of security) some rare praise, thanking him for acting as a buffer to everyone that wanted to see him. Despite the fact that Jimmy’s family didn’t hassle him this time (as they did during his last appearance), multiple people requested to come into Howard’s green room and Ronnie was able to play a little bit of defense, while organizing any meetings. And it wasn’t just strangers either — Gary said he came by while Howard was preparing and Ronnie told him to come back later. Flava Flav of Public Enemy was also held at bay.

Robin, meanwhile, was stuck in a room on the third floor away from everyone else for some reason and initially couldn’t even watch the show. Ronnie managed to wrangle one of Kimmel’s PAs to organize a rescue mission and bring her to Howard’s room.

Ronnie also mentioned that Public Enemy’s crew was humongous and their security was running up and down the stairs hundreds of times the entire night. “You can’t tell who’s in the band and who’s in the crew,” Gary agreed. Howard joked that they all looked like the guys from his childhood who used to beat him up in Roosevelt, Long Island.

Senator Chuck Schumer (comedian Amy Schumer’s cousin) even wanted to come back and meet Howard after participating in the on-air Q&A.

Wack Packers High Pitch Erik and Fred the Elephant Boy both managed to ask Howard a question on the air along with Schumer, but one “fan” who was noticeably absent was Tan Mom.

Steve Brandano, who was in the audience that night, reported that while Tan Mom made it to the taping and was supposed to participate, she was such a pain that the producers allegedly kicked her out. Moreover, she delayed the show for 5-10 minutes. Tan Mom later called in to refute these claims.

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