Baba Booey Unfriends Howard on Facebook

October 27, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Bobo called in later in the morning with possibly his best question ever – but Howard already knew what he was going to bring up, so he cut him off nevertheless.

“Groundbreaking news: Gary defriended you!” Bobo screamed over the phone. As you may have heard on Monday’s Wrap Up Show, Stern Show Executive Producer Gary Dell’Abate has chosen to cut his Boff, Howard, out of his personal Facebook life as a result of the haranguing he got for a photo of he and his son at a Mets game a couple of weeks ago – and he told the whole world on the air. “Gary is such a f-cking mystery to me,” Howard fumed.

Listening back to the tape from yesterday’s Wrap Up Show, Gary is heard telling co-host Jon Hein: “This is my private space … I just want my little area where I’m not getting bugged.”

Howard, in turn, was seething and launched into what will surely be a legendary chapter in Baba Booey history as he lambasted him for the moronic move, telling him this was worse than “Baba Booey,” worse than his “shitty pitch,” and worse than the love tape.

Fred summed it up best: “I’m bewildered.”

The coup de grace of the entire situation was that Gary didn’t unfriend Howard correctly so as of now, he can still see everything.