Drew Barrymore Tells All to Howard in Her Stern Show Debut

Actress makes her Stern Show debut

October 27, 2015

Making her debut appearance on the Stern Show, Drew Barrymore came at the perfect time as she just recently released a new book called “Wildflower,” which chronicles an array of stories and lessons from the star actress’ life. Check out some highlights from her interview with Howard (below) and hear the full visit on the SiriusXM app!

Rehabbing With David Crosby

As you’ve probably heard from the numerous stories, or in her first memoir “Little Girl Lost,” Drew experienced more before the age of 14 than many people do in their entire lives. Between arguably parenting herself, drinking alcohol, smoking pot, snorting cocaine, and partying at Studio 54, she was heading into what could surely lead to a disaster all before she even grew up.

But then Drew got it together. And after spending a year-and-a-half in Van Nuys Psychiatric’s ASAP program, which focuses on chemical dependency, she paved a road for later success. “It was a very severe, locked-down, no-Hollywood-rehab-30-day-Malibu-beachside-bullshit” type of place, she told Howard. And it was exactly what she needed by her account.

“It was so upsetting at first, but over the course of that year and a half, I left there like the most humble person you could ever imagine,” Drew explained, choking up at the memory of it. “They saved me life.”

After finishing the program, Barrymore then went to live with legendary musician and songwriter David Crosby, who had committed to creating a sober living environment for her, for two months.

“What is it like living with David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young?” Howard wondered.

“It’s pretty wild. But I got to go on tour with them and I would freak out over Neil Young,” Drew recounted.

Lest anyone think it was all fun and games, the actress assured Howard that Crosby had rules and enforced them strictly. Because after all, Drew was still only 14 at the time.

Hosting ‘SNL’ at Age 7

Barrymore’s childhood was packed with famous mentors and friends. After becoming a successful child star in “E.T.” at the age of 6, she was invited to host “Saturday Night Live” only a year later.

Drew remembered director Steven Spielberg, who is also her godfather, coming by the show to support her and he brought along a friend, too – Robin Williams.

“They were obviously hanging out at the time and then Robin couldn’t know the world better of comedy and television, so they would come in the dressing room and just give me pep talks,” she recalled.

A Match Made in Heaven: Nancy Juvonen

One person Drew credits with having a major impact on her life – both professionally and personally – is film producer Nancy Juvonen.

From relationship advice to lecturing Drew over the importance of not being late, Juvonen has taught Barrymore a lot. “She has the wisdom. And she walks the walk and talks the talk,” Drew gushed to Howard.

Juvonen and Barrymore run a production company called Flower Films together, which they’ve been working under for upwards of 20 years with films like “Charlie’s Angels,” “Donnie Darko,” “Fever Pitch” (where Nancy met Jimmy Fallon whom she would later marry), and “50 First Dates,” among many others.

Even before the production company officially took off, Drew told Howard, they were doing more or less un-credited work as producers on “The Wedding Singer,” “Scream,” and “Ever After.”

The ‘Private Parts’ Connection

To prove to Sony that Juvonen and Barrymore were capable of producing “Charlie’s Angels,” they put together a film reel on VHS to exemplify the tone they would be aiming for with the film, which included shots from the likes of “16 Candles,” “Enter the Dragon,” and even “Private Parts.”

“We put a scene from ‘Private Parts’ on the reel where you guys are … gargling jism and balls in your throat and talking and doing it for Pig Vomit,” Drew told Howard laughing. “I think it’s one of the most brilliant scenes in cinema history. It’s just so funny and so brilliant.”

Betty Thomas, who directed “Private Parts,” also worked on “Charlie’s Angels” with them.

Authentic Chemistry With David Letterman

If there is one moment in Drew Barrymore’s recorded history that might live on forever, it is the clip (above) of her jumping on David Letterman’s desk during her appearance and flashing him as a surprise.

“I mean, you can see me up there as if I am on a train that I don’t know where it’s going.”

The whole idea goes back to a club called Blue Angel in New York where Drew and her friend did a “funny little strip dance.” Letterman’s producers got a hold of the story and asked if they could talk about it on the show, which she thought was fine. And from there, it was “just a runaway train.”

“Thank god David Letterman didn’t make me look bad in front of people,” she contemplated watching the clip back. “He could’ve. He could have sent me into a real bad place with disapproval in that moment. And instead he was charming and cute and let everybody know this was ok.”

One thing that Drew remembers that might have gotten lost in the shuffle, as she put it, was that Letterman called her two weeks after the incident to invite her back for a bit where he married her in a church and the two kissed (in a totally non-sexual way, she assured Howard).

Later in her career, Barrymore said that she really tried to form an authentic relationship with him when she did the show. “I always made him talk to me in commercial breaks,” she explained. Howard, who has harped on the awkwardness of this aspect of Letterman before, was impressed.

Drew said she would always engage him about classic movies – a passion they both shared.

Why She Sought Out Adam Sandler

You’ve probably seen at least one of the three movies funnyman Adam Sandler and Drew have done together, but the backstory of their professional relationship is maybe more fascinating than most know.

Though the two never shared a romantic attraction, Barrymore said she was so attracted to his “inner light.” At the time, Adam was on top of the comedy world between “SNL” and films like “Billy Madison” and “Happy Gilmore.”

Determined to work with him, Drew simply called him up and invited him to talk over coffee. “We looked the worst blind date you’ve ever seen,” Barrymore, who sported purple hair and pink platforms at the time, joked.

After some back and forth, the two began working on an unnamed script focused around a concept Sandler was toying with about “this guy who sings in a wedding band,” which would of course turn into “The Wedding Singer” after rewrites with the help of Carrie Fisher, Judd Apatow, Tim Herlihy, and others.