George’s Professional Life Is At A Noine …

November 2, 2015
Photo: Facebook

Not only has “Allegiance” gotten rave reviews in the press during previews, but George has another successful outlet – his social media accounts. With a combined following of more than 9 million people, George has become a leader in social media at the advanced age of 78.

The accounts have grown so large that George and his husband Brad had to hire a team to help them out with the posting. Howard wondered if the Trekkie-heavy audience could be converted into becoming “Allegiance” fans. “I think we have already,” George responded.

So if you’re looking for a tip or two in the media age, don’t count out your elders!

… But He’s Missing Some Sundays

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Sundays are a special day in the Takei household, historically used as a vehicle for giving and receiving tender handjobs. Yet it seems things are slowing down a little bit by George’s account.

“We’ve missed some Sundays,” he admitted. “You know, it’s interesting. The lust is starting to wane, but the love is starting to grow even more,” George poetically mused.

It’s not a matter of drive though, as George told Howard he still masturbates more than two times a week. “It’s [just] too much work” to do it with Brad.

The Shatner-Takei Feud Persists

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Though George insisted that he has no real ill-will towards William Shatner, his “Star Trek” co-star still has a beef or two pent up.

Shatner recently took up the stage in Australia for a one-man show and the press run for it included a jab at George when Shatner called him a “disturbed individual.”

Takei, for his part, has tried to reach out with an olive branch on multiple occasions even sending him a hand-written invitation to the opening of “Allegiance.” In return he got a message from Shatner’s assistant simply responding that she had “received it.”

George isn’t holding his breath for a response though considering Shatner didn’t even RSVP to his wedding.

Later in the morning, Howard challenged George to the “Star Trek Sound Game.” Listen above for the results.