Robin Is No Holy Woman

November 3, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

This morning Howard also pulled clips of a supposed holy man saying some not-so-pleasant things about Robin Quivers. “You got attacked by a preacher in Alabama,” Howard revealed.

In the clip the man slammed comments Robin made in Rolling Stone after recovering from cancer. The segment in question is below:

“On the third night, she learned the meaning of life. ‘What I learned is very simple: that your life belongs to you. And it really doesn’t matter what you do with it, but it should be what you want to do with it. Not what your mother or father or friends or society want. It should be ‘I’-directed. And that’s the only purpose for being here.'”

The preacher demonized Robin for perpetuating “an epidemic of narcissism.” Yet, as Robin pointed out, that was actually her “ayahuasca conclusion.”