The Ask Tan Mom Game

November 4, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Later in the morning Howard teed Robin up for the “Ask Tan Mom Game” where Sal called to give her a series of crazy competitions to see if she’d judge them for money.

Would Tan Mom judge the Sweetest Rapist Contest?“I’ll judge the sweetest one.”

Would Tan Mom judge the hottest child prostitute contest?“I will not judge something like that.”

Would Tan Mom judge the hottest headless body contest?“But how is a corpse a hot body?” “I would rate the hottest bodies that were headless.”

Would Tan Mom judge the hottest vaginal wart contest?No. “I’m just not going to talk about someone with a wart on their privates.”

On a different call, Sal asked Tan Mom where she thought people went when they died. In an insightful and introspective moment, Tan Mom answered: “Well I’m being cremated. I went in tanning; I’m going to go out tanning. I just feel that you’re going to go to a peaceful place and just hang out and party and talk all night and make popcorn and be in peace somewhere.”

Gary said lots of people called in to the Wrap Up Show the other day to debate whether Tan Mom was actually part of the Wack Pack. Rest assured, Howard without question confirmed she is. “She might be taking over as Queen,” of the Wack Pack, Robin added.