Show Rundown: Tuesday November 3, 2015

Leah Remini opens up about her break from Scientology and Bryan Cranston delves into his new role as Dalton Trumbo among other things

November 3, 2015

Good Morning Everybody!

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Howard was fired up this morning about the amount of emails he receives from people asking him to do them some sort of favor. Though they come from all kinds of people, one email he received really sent him over the edge – but it turned out the email was what it seemed.

Howard explained that a couple of weeks ago he got an email for one of his comedy heroes, Garry Shandling. “I happen to think he’s brilliant,” But Howard hasn’t talked to Shandling for over two years, so he was surprised to see an email in his inbox from the “Larry Sanders Show” creator that simply read: “Hi, how you? Can I ask you a favor?”

“I was too angry to respond,” Howard fumed, telling himself that he’d duck the email and ignore it. But every time he signed on to his email, it was still there. Ultimately Howard decided to respond with a non-committal answer of: “I am fine.”

To his shock, only moments later he received an email back from Garry telling Howard that he was in Europe and needed money to pay for an operation an ill friend. It was then that Howard realized Garry’s email account had been hacked and his weeks of anger towards the comedy great were unwarranted – thankfully.

Howard also remembered back to the time Robin fell for one of the ridiculous email schemes – though she countered that it was before everyone knew about the scam. She ended up wiring her “friend” money, before then realizing her mistake and stopping the wire transfer. Close call.

Leah Remini Isn’t Afraid

Leah Remini’s decision to sort of preemptively include an inventory of the dark moments from her life and career so that others can’t use those moments to discredit her, speaks volumes to the gravity of her new memoir, “Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology.”

In her fascinating return to the Stern Show, Remini was candid with Howard about everything from her Scientology exit to what happened on “The Talk,” and the highs and lows from her career.

Read more here and listen to some highlights below:

Jeff The Drunk’s Disgusting Cough

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

All morning long Howard had been hyping up a new clip from Jeff the Drunk that he promised would make everyone puke and finally before the News with Robin, listeners got to hear it.

The Periscope captured Jeff becoming outraged after breaking his glass bong and then convulsing into a downright upsetting cough that is absolutely vile to hear.