How Adam Driver Got His Huge ‘Star Wars’ Role … And Then Had to Think About It

The “Force Awakens” star also tells Howard about his private screening with Princess Leia

December 1, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

With the release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” just a few weeks away, there was a lot to ask Adam Driver on Tuesday morning. The new face of evil in the film franchise (or so it would seem) shared with Howard Stern everything he could about the highly anticipated movie and what it was like to be a part of something so monumental.

Here’s some of the insider info Adam shared:

No Audition Necessary for Kylo Ren

Photo: Disney

How good of an actor is Adam Driver? So good that J.J. Abrams didn’t even want him to audition for the prime role of Kylo Ren.

“I went out to meet J.J. and we did a meet and greet thing and then there was thinking about it for a little bit,” Adam told Howard. “He couldn’t tell me, really, anything about the part either. At that point, it was just to look at me.”

It wasn’t just J.J. who was considering whether or not Adam was a good fit for the film – Adam wanted to take his time before accepting the part.

“I wanted to think about it for a bit,” he said.

Scripts Under Lock and Key … Literally

There have been some reports from the “Star Wars” set that claimed cast and crew weren’t even allowed to take scripts home in order to eliminate any chance of the story leaking online. Adam says he was allowed to take his pages off the set but there was a special procedure he had to follow.

“I had to keep it in a locked canvas bag,” Adam explained. Even with so much security, there were some details about the production that somehow got out.

“There’s such great lengths that people went to to try and preserve any plot point, that when someone gives it away, it’s kind of crushing,” said Adam.

A Private Screening With Princess Leia and Rey

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Adam admitted to Howard that while he usually never watches anything he’s in, he made an exception for “Star Wars.”

“I came from a theater background where you don’t get to see it,” Adam said, explaining that he hates seeing the mistakes he makes and not being able to fix them. He felt comfortable sitting through “Star Wars” though because of how much he and his co-stars put into their performances.

“We did so much work on it afterwards,” Adam said. “It kind of seemed like maybe I should try getting over it. Plus, it’s ‘Star Wars.'”

A private screening of the film was set up for just Adam, Carrie Fisher and Daisy Ridley.

“And some guy in the back running it,” Adam told Howard.

Getting Out of Town on Opening Weekend

December 18th is fast approaching but when the opening weekend of “Star Wars” rolls around, Adam says he’ll be anywhere but in a theater.

“We’re going upstate,” he said, telling Howard that he and his wife own a home out in the country. Adam has no plans to go see “The Force Awakens” with an audience, nor will he be reading reviews or tracking box office returns.

Breaking His Sternum Changed His Life

Now 32 years old, Adam is without a doubt making his mark as an actor. But not too long ago, he was setting his sights on a very different profession – soldier.

“I loved being in the military,” Adam told Howard. “I was very interested in making it a career.”

While in the Marine Corps, Adam suffered a broken sternum that cost him the chance at putting his training to the test in Iraq and Afghanistan. His buddies went to fight over seas while Adam gave theater another shot. A second try at getting accepted into Julliard paid off and he’s been acting ever since but the idea of serving his country in war still tugs at him.

“I wish I could’ve gone,” Adam revealed.

Driver co-founded Arts in the Armed Forces, a group dedicated to bringing the best modern American theater to members of the military, free of charge.

Visit their website here.

Listen to Adam on The Howard Stern Show below and see him in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” when it opens in theaters Dec. 18th.