Nick Cannon: Previously on the Stern Show…

A look back at the "America's Got Talent" host's 2015 interview

December 1, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Nick Cannon last dropped by the Stern Show in December of 2015 to promote his role in Spike Lee’s “Chi-Raq.” As with any Stern Show interview, Nick’s professional and personal lives were both deeply explored, including his new role as Radio Shack’s Chief Creative Officer, his amicable split from Mariah Carey, having to slow down after suffering from relapses of his lupus, and more.

You can catch Nick as the host of both “America’s Got Talent” on NBC and “Wild ‘n Out” which returns to MTV on August 4th. But first, here’s what Nick Cannon talked about… previously on the Stern Show.

Radio Shack’s New Chief Creative Officer

In an exclusive announcement during his 2015 appearance on the show, Nick told Howard that he’d signed on as Radio Shack’s Chief Creative Officer, triumphantly proclaiming that he would be “putting the radio back in RadioShack!”

Nick revealed that he felt a personal connection to the company as his late grandfather left him a bunch of musical equipment from the electronics store when he passed away and as a result, Cannon went down to his local Radio Shack and an employee taught him how to use all of it.

As part of their new relationship, the company announced it would be developing a revamped line of products to attract a younger generation of consumers.

Life as an ‘AGT’ Host

During his 2013 interview, Howard and Nick had much to discuss about the experience and the great talent in that year’s “America’s Got Talent” roster. Nick sympathized with Howard’s insane “AGT”/Stern Show work schedule, but said he enjoys when Howard gets crabby. Nick joked, “I wish they would show more of you not putting up with the nonsense and the bullshit…you’re coming off great, though!”

Howard commended Nick on his ability to comfort kids who don’t move on. “That’s the moment where I stop being a host and kind of forget about the cameras,” Nick explained. “I mean this is a delicate child right there and you’ve got to tell them that this isn’t the end of the world, you have your whole future ahead of you, this is an experience, this is a television show, it’s not because they don’t want you.”

“You’ve got to go through that whole run and really connect with the kids, then you can go back to being Mr. TV Man after that,” Nick told Howard.

White People Party Music

Like Garth Brooks before him, Nick created an alter ego for his album of white dance music. Just because Nick happened to be a different race than his alter ego, the world reacted with shock. Howard couldn’t understand why people equated a black guy dressing up as a white guy to old-fashioned minstrel show blackface. “White people weren’t slaves.” Nick took the controversy in stride and said he was actually glad that his project got so much attention.

Nick Cannon on Nick’s Cannon

As he does with many guests, Howard asked Nick about his sex life and penis size. “You can ask around,” joked Nick. “I never had any complains, Howard.” Nick revealed that his penis, if you measure from the base, is about nine inches in length, though “the last time [I measured] was probably when I was 19.” To counter Howard’s depressed reaction, Nick claimed he was a grower, not a shower.

His Start in TV

Nick revealed to Howard that his first TV appearance ever was as a dancer on “Soul Train,” much to Howard’s amazement.

“I used to stand out in front of the Comedy Store when I was 15 all night for two minutes of comedy, and the next morning I would stand in front of Paramount to go dance on ‘Soul Train,’ and that was the first time I was ever on television,” Nick said.

As a teenager, Nick got big his start on Nickelodeon, where he was friends with Amanda Bynes, who was, at the time, one of the network’s biggest stars. Back in 2013, Bynes was going through somewhat of a crisis, firing all her agents and managers and generally cutting herself off from the showbiz world. Nick said that he’s tried to get in touch with her, but it’s difficult these days. Either way, her situation makes him sad.

Howard and Nick also discussed Nick’s current position as Chairman of Teen Nick, producing the HALO awards, and having a huge hand in overall programming.

Why He Wouldn’t Want to Host ‘SNL’

Howard noted his surprise that Nick has yet to host “Saturday Night Live,” given his background in sketch comedy. “I don’t really want to, man,” Nick explained. “I would have fun but it’s like…I feel like there’s a lot of pressure and I’m a control freak. I have sketch shows, I produce sketch shows. I want to be able to do my thing, and I worship Lorne Michaels, but I don’t think I could jump in there and do my shit the way I would want to do it.”

“I would love the opportunity, but I would want it to be great,” claimed Nick. Howard said he has to respect that.

Tune in Monday for another revealing Nick Cannon chat!