Tina Fey Makes A Triumphant Return!

December 14, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

For the first time since 2006, the hilarious and talented Tina Fey stopped by to promote her new film “Sisters” (which opens the same day as “Star Wars”) and catch up on all of the amazing projects she’s worked on since her last visit.

Howard noted that she’s really opening up with her sexual appeal lately—especially with “Sisters,” which co-stars her partner in crime Amy Poehler, and Tina agreed, revealing that she shows a little “under-teet” in the film. “I feel like this is the last chance,” she joked. Fey added that she was in the Will Ferrell school of not really caring if anyone wanted to see it, because she was just going to show it anyways.

Tina’s father passed away in October sadly and she told Howard that ever since, she’s really become confrontational. While he was alive, she had bottled up her everyday rage because he always told her too, but in the short time since his death, she’s been unloading on people. “I’m really out of control, guys … I’ve been holding it in for 45 years,” she explained. As proof, Fey offered a story from a recent London trip that ended with her calling some lady a “c-nt” (hear it below).

Though “c-nt” may be a bit harsh, Tina is no stranger to the term considering stories of an unnamed “Saturday Night Live” staffer slinging the term in reference to her when she was the head writer. Today, she revealed that staffer was none other than comedian Colin Quinn – but she assured Howard they are all good now after reconnecting at SNL 40. “I think his anxiety about the writing of the show spilled over,” she recalled of the angry voicemail he left her.

Later in the interview, Tina and Howard discussed her improv roots at Second City in Chicago and how the drove her early career.

Other highlights discussed included “Mean Girls” (the only film she’s written thus far), how her undeniably perfect Sarah Palin impression came to be, the challenges of raising kids in New York City … and with such a bust schedule, as well as the horror of friend and “30 Rock” collaborator Tracy Morgan’s serious injuries.

Hear some highlights below and tune in to Howard 100 on SiriusXM to hear the full interview replayed: