Wendy the Slow Adult Got Robbed … Maybe

December 16, 2015
NICE JEWELS NICE JEWELS Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Reports came in that Wendy the Slow Adult was robbed recently, so Howard got her on the phone. Wendy maintained that four homeless guys stole $500 from her. “I swear on my mother’s life!” the sometimes not-so-truthful Wack Packer told Howard.

Robin’s niece wasn’t so sure. “I feel like she’s being really, really inauthentic,” she told Howard.

“No I’m not, and I’m telling the honest truth,” Wendy insisted. Howard wasn’t quite sure of what he should do, but settled on sending her some money for Christmas either way.

“I’ll give you something for Christmas. Merry Christmas and leave me alone!” he told her.