John Stamos…Previously on the Stern Show

The "Grandfathered" star has shared a whole lot in his 25 years on the Stern Show

January 3, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Today On The Stern Show: John Stamos!

We’re starting off the New Year with a visit from an old friend – the incomparably handsome and undeniably cool, John Stamos, who is currently starring in “Grandfathered” on Fox. With nearly three decades of Stern Show appearances under his belt, John has shared countless stories with Howard and Robin. But before he comes in on Monday morning, here’re five things revealed about John Stamos … previously on the Stern Show.

Amy Poehler-Stamos?

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

When Amy Poehler made her Stern Show debut in 2014, she spilled to Howard how John Stamos had recently asked her out to dinner but that she wasn’t exactly sure if he’d asked her out on a date.

“We were having dinner and I thought, ‘Oh, maybe this is a date,'” Amy told Howard. Even though she didn’t get “foxed up” and didn’t have sex with Stamos that night, Howard assured Amy that that was indeed a date.

And John concurs. After Amy’s interview, he confirmed his romantic intentions, telling Extra, “It was a date in my eyes.”

Who Was John Dating During His First Appearance in ’91?

John Stamos as Uncle Jesse on "Full House" John Stamos as Uncle Jesse on “Full House” Photo: ABC

It’s been nearly 25 years since Stamos’ first visit to the Stern Show. Back then, he was starring in the new ABC sitcom “Full House” and had recently broken up with pop singer Paula Abdul.

Even though women were swooning for him back then as much as they do now, when Howard asked John who he was dating, John said he had been “celibate” for three or four months!

A-List Jam Band

Howard doesn’t make it out to the West Coast all that often but when he does, his buddy Jimmy Kimmel has been known to throw an epic party for him, complete with a guest list of Hollywood’s who’s who.

At one such party, an impromptu jam band was assembled, featuring Howard, John Stamos, Mark McGrath, and David Arquette on the trumpet. Everyone was having a good time but according to some of the party’s guests, Stamos eventually became frustrated with the band’s musical abilities, or lack-there-of.

Co-Starring with Ronnie the Limo Driver

Photo: Lionsgate

There’s no question that John is a good guy who would do anything for Howard or for the show. But in 2014, he proved just how generous he is by getting Ronnie the Limo Driver a role in his movie “My Man is a Loser.” The film also starred fantasy football trash talker Michael Rapaport. It should come as no surprise that Ronnie’s part was as a strip club patron.