Adam Carolla calls in

Longtime friend of the Stern Show chatted with Howard on Monday

January 11, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Our friend Adam Carolla called in this morning to tell fans about his upcoming live show at the NYCB Theater in Westbury this coming Friday at 8pm.

Howard was interested in discussing Carolla’s wife, who is reportedly obsessed with Bruce Springsteen. Adam confirmed that she will go anywhere to see him perform and gives him about 18 hours notice so he can make sure he’s home to watch the kids. Carolla justified it saying that they both grew up poor, so now that he has the money to do it, he’s happy for her to go. He said she is a bit intense with it though and will pick up members of the E-Street Band from the airports in their area. “She’s like Uber, but only for the E-Street band,” he joked.

She also has a Springsteen podcast, which Gary has been a guest on.

Gary holding Springsteen's guitar backstage at Giants Stadium Gary holding Springsteen’s guitar backstage at Giants Stadium

Howard wondered that – despite the fact he knows their marriage is strong – if she would blow Springsteen if given the opportunity. “He is the Boss, so she technically could be fired if she doesn’t blow him,” Carolla quipped.

Listeners might remember last time Adam was in-studio he recounted his story of becoming friends with Kevin Costner and today, he had another great story from hanging out with Costner.

“He’s the nicest, most regular guy on the planet,” Adam told Howard before recounting his latest story with the actor. Over the holidays, the Carollas went to visit the Costners and Kevin even shipped in snow to the beach so that the kids could have a real Christmas. This precipitated a debate with Robin over whether the snow was really fake or shipped in from the surrounding mountain areas.

“I think they make it there,” Adam said, but admitted he really didn’t know.

As for the conversation, Adam said Kevin had complaints about the city not allowing him to build his dream house. Carolla thought the system should be run like a casino – Costner is a “Japanese whale,” a high-roller and after he spends so much money in taxes, they should just let him do whatever the hell he wants.

Howard laughed that Adam really traded up with Costner from his former best friend Jimmy Kimmel.

You can see Carolla at the NYCB Theater in Westbury on Friday night. More information here.