Howard Urges JD and Jon to Switch Allegiances

Time to start rooting for New York teams.

January 11, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The topic of the Bengal’s loss came up later in the morning and Howard found it unacceptable that JD has been living in New York for so long, yet is not a fan of the New York sports teams. Howard insisted that he changes allegiances to whichever city he is living in. “Home is where you live,” he sternly told JD.

Taking it even further, Howard lambasted Jon Hein as being some sort of “Jew for Jesus” for Pittsburgh – a city which he only lived in for five years (he’s spent his other 40 plus years on this Earth in New York). Jon contended that he grew up a Pittsburgh fan and still has a lot of family there.

Neither could be swayed by Howard’s argument in the end, though he himself remained adamant that the day he moves away from New York will be the day he stops rooting for New York sports teams.