Show Rundown: Tuesday January 19, 2016

Chelsea Handler discusses her new Netflix docu-series, plus the Asian Pete Band Name Game

January 19, 2016

Good Morning Everybody!

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Howard was waiting for a call from presidential candidate and successful entrepreneur Donald J. Trump last night, but ended up falling asleep at 6pm instead.

Howard said he does want to talk to Trump soon though because he read Frank Bruni’s opinion piece in the NY Times over the weekend and it claims Donald called Howard a “total fool.” Howard wants a full retraction if it’s proven to be untrue.

Later in the show, Trump tweeted his response to Bruni’s piece.

After playing a phony phone call featuring drops of Richard Christy’s dad, Howard and Robin reminisced about the classic “Radio Graffiti” bit – a quick-hit phone call segment that, apparently, FOX’s Alan Colmes has taken up as of late.

Callers were given a few seconds to say something. “One sentence only – it’s like Twitter,” Howard explained. “It was a blistering borefest” though. Howard told the back office guys to get him on the line with Colmes one day during the bit.

Is Robin Resurrecting Her Movie Career?

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Returning from her 1996 role in “Deadly Web,” a straight-to-TV movie, an IMDB page for a movie called “Without Hate” apparently has listed Robin as their star. While she didn’t initially know what it was, Robin remembered that she was shown a script in 2013, but that was about it.

The website for the movie, on the other hand, states: “And of course, we’re grateful and excited to have Robin Quivers, who’s been Howard Stern’s rather luminous and charismatic partner and co-host for the past thirty plus years. Robin was one of the first performers to come on board, and she will be playing a character that I might have said was tailor written for her if she wasn’t based on a very real, rather complex and fascinating, but not quite as charming person.”

Robin laughed it off, but declared that she would indeed act again someday.

Mary Is Howard’s Backdoor to Gary

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Gary Dell’Abate’s wife Mary, whom Howard is still friends with on Facebook (unlike his executive producer), posted a photo of their new puppy over the weekend and Howard thought it looked really cute. “Mary is Gary’s Achilles Heel,” he joked.

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Gary came in and explained that it’s a mix of a Beagle and a Labrador, but they haven’t named it yet – he’s thinking “Brooklyn” though. Howard said he had named a cat “Brooklyn” before, so Robin tried to make up for her “Yoda” debacle by going after Gary — but her bid was mostly unsuccessful.

Shuli Gets an Underdog Lady Update

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Our very own Shuli Egar, one of the few men Underdog Lady will take calls from, caught up with her recently as she celebrated the 50 year anniversary of first becoming Underdog Lady at age 13 in her bedroom in front of her parents (who were not so pleased about it). “They were bullying me to be concerned with reality only,” she recounted to Shuli.

And despite Shuli’s prompting to get her back into the studio with Howard, it seemed neither the King of All Media nor Suzanne were interested in making it happen. “I’ve had enough of that to last a lifetime,” she explained.

Before they hung up though, Shuli and Underdog Lady traded a few jokes. Below is one of her zingers:

Knock knock.Who’s there?Pencil.Pencil who?Pennsylvania.

Glenn Frey of the Eagles Dies at 67

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Gary for one, said he was almost more upset about the passing of Glenn Frey than David Bowie. “That was the soundtrack of the ’70s,” Robin agreed.

Howard played a montage of some of the hits Frey was involved in singing, writing, and performing with the Eagles as well as in his solo career.

Robin Song: ‘Because’ (by Lil Mikey)