What Sex Terms Does High Pitch Erik Know?

The Wack Packer's knowledge of sexual language runs deep.

January 25, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

With Flat Ronnie showing up everywhere from the Paramount Pictures lot to Maury Povich’s audience (coming soon), Howard wanted to offer another caller a chance to win one full-sized Flat Ronnie – which Gary measured to be 5″8 this morning.

All the caller had to do was answer one question right from the “What Sex Terms Does High Pitch Erik Know?” game. Check out some of the tough questions below.

“What is bondage?”Caller: NoHPE: “Bondage means you really really serious sex and you tie them up in leather outfits.”

“I’m sorry Mike, after all that – you didn’t win the Flat Ronnie,” Howard told the caller before giving him one last chance.

“Do you know what bareback means?”Caller: NoHPE: “Bareback having sex on your back.”

And with that it was settled — the caller will receive a brand new Flat Ronnie to take with him everywhere.

Photo: Paramount Pictures

Howard ran through a few others that Erik didn’t know just for fun as well, including “tossing salad” and “nymphomaniac.” High Pitch did in fact know what “morning wood” was though.