The Mumbling JDini Looks Ahead to the Future

The wise soothsayer's much anticipated return to the studio.

February 1, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Today’s Great JDini segment came with weeks of hype, but Howard told listeners not to expect much since JD couldn’t be coached into a convincing character. JDini was supposed to be coming in to predict the future, but JD couldn’t quite settle on a voice (though he ultimately opted for some faux-Indian banter that he couldn’t keep up).

Before JDini started though, Howard had a prediction of his own: “It’s going to be really bad.”

After some prompting, JDini reluctantly began reading his predictions. Check out some of the highlights:

“My first prediction: Beth will adopt the creatures living in Benjy’s beard.””Bobo will accidentally ask an interesting question.””God will admit he gave Medicated Pete a huge penis, just to fuck with everybody’s mind.””George Takei will come out as even gayer.””Jenny McCarthy will announce that Flintstone’s chewables cause Lupus.””Over the course of the year, expect a total of three minutes of Fred talking.”

Howard made him stop, telling his young TV-watcher: “It wasn’t fun at all … JDini has the delivery of a corpse.”

Top Gay Andy Cohen agreed:

Photo: Twitter