Show Rundown: Tuesday February 2, 2016

Discussing the Iowa Caucus, Wolfie at Bill Cosby's trial, Bigfoot Place the Face Game and more!

February 2, 2016

Good Morning Everybody!

After last night’s Iowa Caucus, both Robin and Howard were fired up to talk about what had transpired.

“I can see this as a good thing – the Iowa Caucus results,” Robin began. Howard thought the whole idea of 180,000 Iowans caucusing in a barn was bizarre.

Even though Ted Cruz was the clear winner last night, Howard said he still thought Trump won in one respect. “Trump has absolutely no ground game,” he explained. He barely put a dime into the campaign and Cruz had to mobilize thousands of volunteers to beat him.

“It looks better that he doesn’t have this stronghold on the wack vote,” Robin offered.

Look at Benjy’s Beard!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

It’s been a couple of weeks since Benjy told the world about his aspirations in standup comedy … or radio … and Howard played a fake promo bit for a “Benjy Comedy Tour.”

Robin was more amazed by the length of Benjy’s beard than his career. “Are you going to start twirling the ends of your mustache?” she questioned.

Howard then played some responses Memet, a Stern Show staffer, received when he took to the streets and showed unsuspecting citizens a photo of Benjy before asking them what they thought he did for a living. Guesses included: Hunter, sexual predator, and actor.

Sal interviewed Mariann from Brooklyn recently about Benjy’s struggles and she was incensed he would ever consider any job outside of the Howard Stern Show – the same mistake Jackie made, as she pointed out.

“The grass isn’t always greener on the other side,” she scolded him. “Am I the voice of reason or not?”

King of All Blacks vs. The King of All Media

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

King of All Blacks was confused as to why he got slammed by listeners after yesterday’s call. Gary said Ronnie was all fired up this morning in the back office saying: “He was exposed and now everybody sees who he is.”

Even Beth Stern chimed in last night and told Howard to tell King she got her Louboutins on discount and they were nowhere near $1,800 after King accused her of intentionally taking photos of cats next to expensive shoes.

King of All Blacks tried to explain to Howard how he just hates it when his wife tries to go out with her girlfriends without him, but the King Of All Media would have none of it and he hung up on him.

A few minutes later King called back and again tried to explain. “I’m just destroyed … I just have certain views on certain things,” he told Howard.

In a hilarious exchange Fred then played King “off the stage” with orchestra music each time he tried to explain himself:

“In my mind, I don’t understand why any woman …” [Music]

“Part of the reason why people don’t like me …” [Music]

Gary Offends Bobo

Yesterday was a bad day for a number of Wack Packers it would seem and Bobo called in again today – this time to tell Howard how upset he was at Gary for “downplaying” his achievements and certificates.

Bobo explained that one of those awards was for a harrowing incident in which he almost died when a driving student got them stuck on the tracks in the path of an oncoming train.

Ronnie Is a Great Conversationalist

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Frequent caller Chad from St. Louis wanted to know what typically to make Howard put up the partition in his car with Ronnie and if his longtime driver ever gets on his nerves.

“Sometimes I’m on a personal phone call or business phone call,” Howard explained. But Ronnie is never really the cause. Howard did admit that he sometimes puts it up if he wants to watch TV back there or something.

Robin wondered if Howard ever felt obligated to talk to Ronnie in the car and Howard explained that he occasionally did, especially after meetings with his psychiatrist.

“I actually enjoy talking to Ronnie,” Howard told her though. Ronnie tends to have the “inside scoop” on people like Jon Hein and JD since he hangs out with them outside of work.

Request: An Update on Kyle Dunnigan’s Squatters

Photo: Getty Images

One of the final callers of the morning requested an update on comedian Kyle Dunnigan’s squatter situation. Last week Dunnigan was on the Stern Show and told Howard about how he rented out his apartment in LA only for the people to refuse to pay rent or leave.

Gary said he thought Kyle was returning to LA this week and would see if he could get an update on the situation.

Robin Song: “Star Wars Robin’s Boobs” (by Daniel Mendelson)