Show Rundown: Wednesday February 3, 2016

Will the Farter exacts justice on High Pitch Erik in the Special People's Court Gas Chamber

February 3, 2016

Good Morning Everybody!

“You look cute today over there,” Howard complimented Robin as the music faded this morning. “What’s with the hair? I like it.”

Robin said that it was the same as yesterday’s, but Howard was sure something was different and crowned her “Sassy” Robin.

Howard said he was listening back yesterday to the caller who knew so much about Imus and realized that it was Sour Shoes. “He had every Imus reference down.”

Sour Shoes recently mastered a new impression – George Takei – and has been showing it off by leaving voicemails for studly Stern staffer Memet. After playing a recording of it, Robin exclaimed: “That’s amazing!”

Sour also left a voicemail in his Gary impression talking about the recently deceased Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane.

Howard thought Sour might have some extra time on his hands since the Roy Rogers he was working for closed, leaving him out of work for the moment.

Benjy Caught Chewing on His Beard

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Benjy’s beard and mustache are getting even bigger – but it’s not all good apparently. Sal came in to report that he’s seen Benjy chewing on his beard in the elevator at work a few times.

“It was so disgusting, I thought I was going to throw up in the elevator,” Sal told Howard. “It’s like having pubic hair in your mouth all day.”

Benjy admitted that he’s noticed it go into his mouth while eating as well.

High Pitch Erik Shakes Down John Stamos

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Before receiving his gas chamber punishment, Howard told listeners that he had heard something weird about High Pitch Erik.

Somehow High Pitch got John Stamos’ direct number and asked him to buy a pair of Beats headphones for him. And of course, John obliged.

Who do you think is a bigger mooch – Jeff the Drunk or High Pitch Erik? Let us know on Twitter!

What Does ‘Love’ Mean to the Wack Pack

Photo by Logan Jackson Photo by Logan Jackson

We asked members of the Wack Pack a single question and recorded their answers in honor of Valentine’s Day: “What does love mean to you?”

Elephant Boy: “Love is 100% pure bliss.” (Though 90% of his answer was unintelligible)

High Pitch Erik: “Love is when you have sex with the opposite sex. Like when a male has sex with a female. That’s what love is all about.”

Jeff the Drunk: “Love is being with someone whose needs and wants you put over yours.” (“Aren’t you shocked Jeff the Drunk came up with that?” a surprised Howard remarked)

Underdog Lady: “A feeling of admiration and respect for another person.”

Tan Mom: Tan Mom’s answer rambled on as she got progressively more frenzied and confused before closing out: “What is love?! What is love?!” She does love her children though.

‘Douchebag … You Here?’

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Ralph was hanging out in Howard’s apartment yesterday and Howard said he was first annoyed he’d have to see him. “I don’t realize that I actually want to talk to him,” he admitted though.

Howard also said that when he is looking for Ralph, he’ll yell out: “Douchebag you here?” It’s become a running joke to the point that Ralph has now changed his Siri to refer to him as “douchebag.”

Howard Doesn’t Understand Gary’s Voinyl

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Later in the morning, a caller’s question sparked a debate about why Gary still listens to vinyl. Howard said he didn’t understand it at all.

“It’s just a hobby – I’m not hung up on it,” Gary tried to explain. “It’s fun to listen to records sometimes. It’s a fun experience.”

The caller also remembered when Gary was caught wearing a 45 rpm adapter spindle necklace during an appearance on “Geraldo at Large.”

Photo: Twitter

You can see more of Gary’s vinyl collection here.

Wack Pack Updates

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard got Bobo on the phone because he thought they had finally received a positive email about him – but it turned out to be a farce and ended with ” … just kidding.”

As consolation, Fred offered that King of All Blacks had been getting it worse in the listener feedback than Bobo. They hate him worse than they hate you,” Fred told him.

Mariann from Brooklyn called in and Howard wondered if she was even crazy enough to be a part of the Wack Pack, but ultimately decided that she was.

Shuli came in and revealed that Mariann had gotten into a feud with Jeff the Drunk because he blocked her on Periscope after she told him to “chill” one day. Mariann shut it down though and said they had made up last night.

Howard asked Mariann whose penis was bigger – Jeff’s or Mariann’s husband? “My husband has a beautiful penis!” she exclaimed in what will surely make for a wonderful drop in the near future.

Robin Song: ‘My Schlong to Your Titties’ (by Little Mikey)