Scott the Engineer’s Shocking Revelation

The longtime Stern Show staffer has got a secret

February 1, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After playing one of Scott Salem’s new Bailey the Bedbug bits, Howard’s longtime engineer made a truly shocking revelation: His parents attempted to cure his bedwetting as a child with some sort of device that electrically shocked him and set off bells and whistles whenever liquid was detected. “It was like training a dog,” he explained.

Everyone was pretty appalled that his parents would put him through something like that at a young age. Gary said they were looking it up back in the office and it sounds like they put him in an electric training diaper, which explicitly states it is not for use with young children.

The levels of punishment on the device range from “pleasant tingling” to “unbearable.” Howard mused that this revelation really explained a lot about who Scott is as a person today.