The New York Post Features Ronnie Mund

Everyone's favorite limo driver received his own article in the New York paper

February 29, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

As previously reported, the New York Post did a feature on Ronnie the Limo Driver, and he’s seemingly pretty happy with it considering the “hundreds” of retweets on Ronnie’s Twitter account (as JD told Howard).

“I did what they asked me to!” Ronnie exploded. “Fuck JD, he’s an asshole.”

Howard was just annoyed that they even included a photo of him with Ronnie. “I don’t care if there’s an article about Ronnie – just leave me out of it,” he told prospective journalists with peace and love.

Ronnie agreed, but maintained that Howard was the one who urged him to even do the article – a statement Howard took great umbrage with.

Howard recounted how he received a call to see if it would be alright for a piece to be done on Ronnie, to which he responded: “If he wants to do it, it’s fine.”

With his current attitude Howard assured his limo driver that there’d be “no more articles. No more attention.”

Sal came in and told Howard that the article has really gone to Ronnie’s head. He recently got a call from a guy in upstate New York who wanted to book him, Ronnie, and Tan Mom for a gig — and Ronnie told Sal to push him for more money. “Make sure you get a good price because I was just in the Post,” Sal remembered Ronnie saying.