Show Rundown: Tuesday March 1, 2016

Tina Fey talks about the Oscars and her latest film, Howard wins Best Hair in America again, and more.

March 1, 2016

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Kicking off the show this morning, Beeteljuice sang Billboard’s Top 5 – he just couldn’t quite get all of the words right.

Howard said he was fascinated this morning reading the story about the guy who stalked and videoed sportscaster and journalist Erin Andrews. The man reportedly finagled his way into staying in hotel rooms next to Andrews on multiple occasions in order to shoot secret videos of her.

“I empathize with Erin Andrews; a terrible thing happened to her,” Howard remarked. But Howard stopped short of blaming the hotels for allowing the man to find out which rooms Erin was staying in – a sentiment Robin didn’t share.

“It is so difficult to police the world,” Howard said. He also recalled how even at the Four Seasons in LA, when his Gary would come to the front desk and ask to speak with “Howard Stern,” they would simply patch him through to the room.

“I think back to the Connie Francis situation,” Robin countered, referencing the pop singer who was attacked in a Howard Johnson’s hotel and later worked to revamp hotel security standards.

Howard and Robin did agree that they thought the assailant in the Erin Andrews case got off with a lenient sentence – only two-and-a-half years.

Beet Goes Country

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A caller this morning requested to hear some of the new material Beetlejuice recorded while he was in the studio and Howard obliged.

Warning listeners that it was only a rough cut, Howard played a song Beet penned himself entitled “People In Love” The track features a heavy country influence. After hearing a few verses the caller said he thought it was “some of his best work.”

Howard also played a clip of Beet counting from 1-10 to test his microphone for Richard. Needless to say, he was all over the place. “I play Powerball with these numbers,” Howard joked.

TMZ even hung outside the SiriusXM building the day Beet was in and interviewed him afterwards.

Memet’s Grandma Loved Pat Robertson

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After discussing some recent news concerning the outspoken evangelist Pat Robertson, Howard noted that Stern staffer Memet had mentioned his grandmother loved Robertson.

Memet came in and explained that it was not the grandmother who once called Howard a “witch.” It was his other grandmother who was actually “a very sweet lady,” but passed away. He confirmed that like the many minions of Pat Robertson, she frequently sent in money.

Howard also noted how Memet has become the show stud now that Will Murray is married with kids. Sour Shoes even left a voicemail in his spot-on George Takei impression hitting on Memet.

Both Memet and Howard agreed that Takei may have become one of Sour Shoes’ finest impressions. “The only thing that gives it away is that shitty keyboard,” Memet added.

Howard wondered whether Robin was attracted to Memet. “He’s very cute … but then he talks,” she responded.

Gary the Conqueror Did Have Bronchitis

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Despite the fact that he insisted his gnarly cough was due to emphysema while in the studio for his birthday Monday, it was uncovered that Gary the Conqueror was actually sick – he had bronchitis.

Howard was upset even though he erected glass panels in between himself and Gary while in the studio.

Bobo Records a Highway Driving Safety Song

Photo: Twitter

Bobo hasn’t gotten through on the phone in a few days, so when Howard picked up on him this morning his latest question was as enthusiastic as ever.

“I have a real concern from Shuli’s Periscope,” he told Howard. Bobo explained that he saw Shuli, Medicated Pete, and Sour Shoes lying in the back of a van without seats like they had been kidnapped.

Howard was more concerned with why Shuli was Periscoping. “It’s on for two seconds, Howard! I’m not turning into Jeff,” a defensive Shuli insisted.

Apparently Shuli brought Sour Shoes with him to do a comedy show together and Sour was pretty amazing. Shuli said the Wack Packer set up a ton of instruments onstage and even wore roller blades as he sang songs about people in the audience, did impressions, and more.

“This was the first time we did it – I didn’t know what to expect,” Shuli explained.

While Bobo was still on the line Howard wanted to play a song he wrote and recorded in honor of highway safety. The lyrics included a line that reads: Checking my mirrors/cause I don’t want/to be up/your goddamn rear.

Bobo also pressed Howard in an attempt to create a bit where celebrities read sections of his notorious notebook aloud – maybe someone like Sarah Silverman. Howard assured Bobo that the bit ends with his song and they would not be asking celebrities to read anything of Bobo’s.

JD chimed in that Natalie Maines did happen to be a big Bobo fan and consistently watches his Periscopes. She even texted JD once because she was upset Bobo did a Periscope live while driving.

Tina Fey Talks ‘Whisky Tango Foxtrot,’ the Oscars, and More

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Fresh off presenting at the Oscars, Tina Fey stopped by to discuss what it’s like behind the scenes as well as her new film “Whisky Tango Foxtrot” (military slang for “What The Fuck”), an offer she could most certainly refuse, and more.

Hear some some highlights from the interview below and click here to check out the full story.

Ronnie ‘The Limo Driver’ Mund Turns a Cock Ring Into an Engagement Ring!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

What began as a discussion about Ronnie’s use of cock rings soon turned into something much more exciting: A full-blown marriage proposal!

With Ronnie’s girlfriend, Stephanie, on the phone under the auspices of discussing their sex life, Ronnie was seemingly peer pressured by Howard and Sal to pop the question right then and there.

While Ronnie was the one to direct Stephanie to find the Steven Singer engagement ring hidden in his closet, Howard came through with the right sentiment for the moment.

Ronnie was unable to muster the words for the occasion, leaving his boss to be a conduit through which his love was channeled.

Check out the full proposal here and be sure to congratulate Ronnie on Twitter!

Robin Song: “I Wanna Lick Your Two Lips” (by Ronnie)