Show Rundown: Wednesday March 2, 2016

Peter Frampton performs live, Mick the Nerd practices an important skill, and much more!

March 2, 2016

Good Morning Everybody!

Howard tried out a new pair of headphones this morning and as his first order of business, wanted to know Robin’s feelings about the current season of “The Bachelor.”

“How great is it?” Howard asked. Though Robin hadn’t seen the latest episode, she was in agreement about the season as a whole.

“He’s as wacky as those girls,” she said of current bachelor Ben Higgins.

Where in the World Is Flat Ronnie?

@Mullet4Ever @Mullet4Ever Photo: Twitter

Flat Ronnie has become an international sensation and is making his way around the entire world. From New Orleans to France, Liberia and beyond, Ronnie has been joining fans on their many journeys.

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Howard & Robin Celebrate 35 Years

Joe Demaria Joe Demaria

35 years ago today — March 2, 1981 — Howard Stern and Robin Quivers first got paired on the air together at DC101 and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Evil Dave, Wendy the Slow Adult, and Beetlejuice Announce Today’s Guest

Howard played three different announcements from Evil David Letterman, Wendy the Slow Adult, and Beetlejuice — all for the same guest today: Peter Frampton!

Frampton went to school with David Bowie and Howard said he was excited to ask him about that as well as his entire career.

Gary reported that JD had been saying some weird stuff in their planning meetings about how he thought “Peter Frampton” was a bad name that must have gotten him taunted when he was younger.

“I could see people making fun of the name and stuff,” JD tried explaining. No one was quite sure what he meant though.

Howard also played a clip of Beetlejuice simply trying to say “Peter Frampton,” which ended up sounding much more like tennis player “Pete Sampras.”

Peter Frampton Performs Live

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

In a powerhouse appearance, Peter Frampton made his first visit to the Stern Show this morning and regaled listeners with epic tales of his career in music before performing four acoustic tunes with Gordon Kennedy, who accompanied him to the studio.

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Robin Song: “Huge, Huge Boobs” (by Sal Governale)