Jon Hein Promotes ‘Fast Food Maniac’

Gary Dell'Abate interviews his coworker about the new book

March 8, 2016

Howard was listening to Jon Hein’s audiobook for “Fast Food Maniac” before the show this morning and said he really should have hired a professional to narrate it instead of doing it himself.

“He reads as well as he exercises,” Howard teased before playing some clips from one of the promotional events where Stern Show Executive Producer Gary Dell’Abate interviewed Jon about the book at a Barnes & Noble.

Robin and Howard laughed about how Gary and Jon seemed to crack each other up with little inside jokes. In one clip Gary asked Jon if there have been any “Jump The Shark” fast food moments – in reference to the Hein-created pop culture term.

“Day one for Burger King,” Jon quipped, after which they both chuckled.

Gary also asked Jon about what his final meal would be if he was on death row. Hein contemplated the question for a moment and responded that he’d get a mix of Nathan’s and McDonald’s fries, a double meat burger from In-N-Out, cold KFC fried chicken, and a Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzard with extra Oreos.

Mariann from Brooklyn and her son attended the event, so she called in to tell Howard how much they loved it, of course.