Show Rundown: Wednesday March 9, 2016

Maria Menounos gets engaged in a surprise proposal made possible by Howard and Beth Stern!

March 9, 2016

Good Morning Everybody!

Starting the morning off on a musical note, Howard played more clips of Beetlejuice singing from his most recent recording session. A track called “People In Love” really highlighted Beet’s more sensitive side.

Howard remarked how Beet has a knack for creating hooks in his music – they’re very catchy.

And after much fanfare, Beet announced today’s guest: Maria Menounos!

Vegetarianism, Animal Rights, and a One-Eyed Cat

Photo: Instagram

Howard said he’s gone more or less vegetarian as of late (though he does eat fish one or two times a week). “It became abhorrent to be eating animals,” he explained.

At one point Beth Stern started pushing chicken to the side of her plate like it was contaminated whenever they were having it, Howard recounted. So he decided to give it up as well.

In coffee news, Beth recently made some of the Rockin’ and Roastin’ Coffee Howard brought home, which Joey Kramer from Aerosmith had sent over as a gift, and absolutely loved it.

“I don’t want any other coffee,” Beth told her husband. Howard explained how she usually adds a bunch of milk and sugar, but with Kramer’s coffee she drank it black.

Howard also told listeners, in other Stern household news, that they rescued a new cat that he thinks would be a great adoption for a loving family. He admitted that he was getting a little attached. The 6-year-old cat, who had to get surgery to remove a damaged eye as a result of some sort of trauma, is reportedly very loving.

“I named her Flower because she is a blossoming flower,” Howard told listeners. Check out the photo above courtesy of Beth’s Instagram account.

Listeners Feedback

Reading some of feedback from listeners, Howard remarked that there have been many requests to bring Vince the former male stripper in to dance for Robin.

In regards to Ronnie Mund’s potential bachelor party, listeners fell on both sides of the spectrum. Some, including comedian and Wrap Up Show guest David Alan Grier, agreed with Howard that Ronnie might be a little too old for the festivities. “Grown ass men should not be having bachelor parties,” he told Gary and Jon Hein yesterday.

Others remained on Ronnie’s side, expressing excitement for the antics to come.

Flat Ronnie Makes the Rounds

Photo: Twitter

For those interested in keeping up with the journey of Flat Ronnie, check out his latest appearance on “Not Safe with Nikki Glaser” above

Have a look at some of his other adventures here.

Bobo Gets Some Positive Feedback

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Ever since yesterday’s mishap where Bobo left his phone on accidentally after thinking he hung up already, the audience has lit up with discussion about the bizarre moment that saw Bobo ranting and raving in his perceived privacy.

Bobo even received praise for the moment, but “in true Bobo fashion, I lost them,” Howard told the Wack Packer.

Bobo revealed that he had a new (yellow-coded) question for Howard today and proceeded to ask what exactly Howard and Robin do when they get off the air.

Howard humored Bobo and recounted how he meditated, met with the staff to plan for next week, attended a few other meetings, and watched both “The Bachelor” and “Supergirl.” Since Beth was out at an event, Howard did not have sex, but he didn’t masturbate either, he contended.

Jon Hein Is Passionate

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The conversation turned to whether Ronnie himself would have sex with another man. Ronnie confirmed his previously discussed price of $1 million.

Gary dug up a clip of when Ronnie was asked if he’d rather make out with Jon Hein or Jason. Ronnie is heard in the clip choosing Jon since he is more “passionate.”

Howard continued to scroll through different pairs of match-ups. “You’d fuck Jon Hein over Gary?” he questioned.

“Yeah,” his limo driver confirmed.

Gary, for one was incensed. He attempted to argue why he was more passionate than Jon, but to no avail.

Continuing with a round of Fuck/Marry/Kill, Ronnie chose to marry Jon, kill JD Harmeyer, fuck Scott Salem.

Taking Jon out of the equation, Ronnie was offered Memet or Fred Norris and chose the latter. “Memet’s a little fuckin weirdo … Fred’s more stable right now,” he offered in explanation.

In a battle of Fred or Howard, Ronnie amazingly chose Fred, saying that he didn’t know if Howard would be “any fun.”

Ultimately, after a number of other choices, it was determined: Fred was the most “fuckable” and “Jon’s very passionate,” in Ronnie’s world.

Robin Song: “Ms. Quivers”