Show Rundown: Monday March 14, 2016

Actress Sally Field makes her Stern Show debut and the staff celebrates Gary Dell'Abate's 55th birthday!

March 14, 2016

Good Morning Everybody!

This weekend’s Daylight Savings time brought Monday morning’s Stern Show to listeners an hour earlier than usual, technically, and not everyone was happy about it.

“I did not like it!” Howard said of the time change.

Still, the King of All Media was excited for the day’s special guest. As Fred the Elephant Boy announced, Sally Fields would be stopping by!

“I’m so excited about her coming in,” Howard told listeners. He explained that he and Beth watched her new movie, “Hello, My Name Is Doris,” and both loved it. “She’s so terrific in this,” he added.

Howard also remembered having a crush on her when he was young and saw her on TV in “Gidget.”

Will There Ever Be Another Roast of Howard Stern?

One caller early in the show wondered if Howard would ever let himself be the recipient of a Comedy Central-type roast in the wake of him being such a good sport with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog during Robert Smigel’s appearance on the Stern Show.

“No, I would never do it … I am not a good sport,” Howard plainly told the caller. “I would only hate the people that roasted me,” he continued.

Howard said that he loved watching the roasts, but wouldn’t even want to roast anyone else. He said he thought some of the best roasters are people like Jeff Ross, Whitney Cummings, Amy Schumer, Greg Giraldo, Jimmy Kimmel, and Sarah Silverman.

High Pitch Erik Ends Up in the Hospital

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Later in the morning, Howard took a call from High Pitch Erik, who went to the hospital on Friday with symptoms that included pain in his arm and tightness in his chest.

Erik recounted how he worked out with his new trainer, Brandon Mason, who put him through two 20-minute sessions on the treadmill before lifting some weights. Then, the Wack Packer went to his physical therapist where the symptoms began.

Erik was rushed to the hospital, but reportedly had to wait 18 hours in the ER before he was seen as his situation did not really worsen.

Shuli told Howard that High Pitch hangs out with a group of cops and EMTs, so he thinks Erik knows what symptoms to say he has in order to go to the hospital.

Despite the scare, Erik has reportedly lost 24 lbs. and now weighs 393 lbs.

The Debut of Sally Field

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Renowned actress Sally Field made her first appearance on the Stern Show with an intriguing interview that covered everything from the relationships that shaped her early life to her unique path into television and film, and on to “Hello, My Name Is Doris,” her latest project.

Hear some of the stories below and check out all of the highlights here.

Howard WILL Be a Featured Podcast Guest

Mariann from Brooklyn called in to confirm reports that Howard will be a guest on Garry Meier’s brand new subscription podcast.

Howard told Mariann that he did indeed get interviewed by Meier, who is an old friend and fellow broadcaster.

Meier explained on his website: “… I am very happy to share with you that you are the first to know that the premiere guest on my new show will be, my friend, the King of all media Howard Stern. Howard and I came through the radio ranks during the same era and experienced a lot of the same things. While he is the King of all media I am more of the jester of said media. The conversation will take place in two parts on Episode 3 and Episode 4, which are scheduled to upload on March 16th, and 18th and I hope you enjoy it. I certainly enjoyed talking with him.”

“I never do any of that stuff, but … I felt good about him, so I did it,” Howard explained. Still, nobody should get any ideas – he said he will not be doing any more interviews anytime soon.

Bobo’s Command of the English Language Is an Enigma

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Bobo called in late in the show to check in and see if Fred ever found the positive email about him that reportedly existed, but couldn’t be found.

While Howard and Fred said they looked, there was no luck in finding it unfortunately for Bobo. Fred did say that his friend had recently come up with a new saying though: “There’s stupid and then there’s Bobo-stupid.”

In honor of the new phrase, Howard played a clip of a conversation Shuli and Bobo had which featured his bizarre and frequently incorrect use of many words … including when he tried to say “moratorium” (which he both mispronounced and misused).

Howard asked Bobo to use it in a sentence, to which he replied: “Today, I was at the wake of a good friend and we were all in mortartorium [sic].”

“I think you’re in moron-torium.” Howard teased the word-challenged Wack Packer.

10 Years Since Cliff Palate’s Passing

Aside from Gary’s birthday, today marked 10 years since Wack Packer Cliff/Cleft Palate’s death.

In honor of the occasion, Howard played audio of the first time fans even heard the man who’s real name was Lynn. Howard recounted how “Cliff” played it off like he had a cleft palate that his parents wouldn’t pay to fix, which got Robin totally enraged for him. It wasn’t until later that Cliff revealed he was pulling their leg a bit and he only suffered from a speech impediment.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard also remembered how Gary the Conqueror once took a trip to visit Cliff in Texas and the two of them had a bizarre argument over which president got shot from the grassy knoll of Dealey Plaza.

Robin Song: “Robin You Can Suck My Schlong” (by Psych)