Bobo Believes in Ghosts, But Gary The Conqueror Does Not

Comparing the Wack Packers' stances on the supernatural

March 15, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard played a recent clip of Shuli Egar calling Bobo to ask him about his belief in ghosts.

In the recording Bobo tells Shuli that he certainly does believe in ghosts, revealing that he had even been visited by one that told him tragedy would strike soon once. Subsequently, Bobo cancelled a flight he was going to be on and called all of his family members to tell them that “within a few months something’s going to happen to [them].”

Tragically, Bobo’s brother passed away on the evening of 9/11 (though not in the terrorist attacks).

To prove the existence of ghosts, Bobo insisted that Shuli has to accompany him to a trip on Misery Road in Long Island where the Wack Packer plans to put talcum powder on his bumper to reveal the ghostly handprints.

Conversely, when Shuli called Gary the Conqueror asked about the existence of ghosts, he responded: “No I don’t.” Furthermore, in response to being told some people do believe in ghosts, Gary told Shuli: “I think they’re stupid.”

Bobo also had a question for the day (though he couldn’t yet identify what color code it may fall under). He proceeded to ask Howard if Internet radio in cars would be considered competition to satellite radio.

“It’s the stupidest fucking question you’ve ever asked,” Howard lambasted Bobo.