Is Howard More Handsome Than Brad Pitt?

A caller seemed to think so!

March 30, 2016
Photo: PRPhotos

Howard took a call from a woman who the guys told him thought he was more handsome than Brad Pitt. As it turned out though, the woman’s point was that she would pick Howard over a Brad Pitt any day because of his winning personality.

Susan, the caller, noticed that Howard is often self-deprecating, so she wanted to know one thing that he loved about himself.

“My feet … I have pretty feet,” Howard answered.

The King of All Media also said that he has wanted to try out a new hairstyle that would get the hair out of his face. Beth Stern was not super supportive of this, so he was cautious of doing it – even on vacation.

“I need the long hair to balance my face,” Howard accepted.