JDini: The NostraDumbass of Predictions

A look into the future with the Great JDini

March 30, 2016
c/o David Glantz c/o David Glantz

JD reprised his (hit) role as The Great JDini, “a mush-mouth nerd with the uncanny ability to read funny lines badly,” this morning with a slew of new predictions.

Check out a few of his latest predictions below:

“The term conqueror will be deemed too offensive, so instead retarded people will be called God’s Whoopsie Daisies …”

“Cats will reopen on Broadway. Howard will immediately adopt the entire cast …”

“Gary will tell his 8,000th quick story …”

“In the year 2036, robots will be programmed to fuck humans, but still won’t fuck Benjy …”

“Following Howard’s retirement, Gary will write a second book called ‘They Call Me Unemployed …'”