Gary Dell’Abate Shares ‘Pieces of Vinyl’ With Billboard

Stern Show Executive Producer pens article for iconic music magazine

April 19, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Stern Show Executive Producer Gary Dell’Abate recently wrote an article for Billboard – and one phrase in it has really been annoying the crap out of Howard.

“If I go up to the attic and put on a piece of vinyl, I have to stay up there and pay attention to it,” Gary wrote in the piece.

Howard said he was furious as he read “piece of vinyl,” which is actually repeated twice in Gary’s article.

As a result, Sal Governale asked a sample of record store owners if they had ever heard anyone call records “pieces of vinyl.” Answers included: “Not when it comes to vinyl, no” and “It’s very, very unusual.”

“It tears me up inside,” Howard fumed.

c/o Gary Dell'Abate c/o Gary Dell’Abate

Robin, meanwhile, was absolutely hysterical over the revelation that Gary at one point put his prized home stereo wall unit in his mother’s nursing home.