Show Rundown: Monday April 18, 2016

Anderson Cooper returns to the show, Howard marvels at Coachella, and Jeff the Drunk makes a big cameo

April 18, 2016

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Mariann from Brooklyn sang the show in with “Great American Nightmare” in the latest compelling rendition of the song.

Howard began this morning recounting how he had an eventful day yesterday that began with a double K-Cup coffee and concluded with two different masturbation sessions, something he said he hadn’t done in like “100 years.”

After visiting YouPorn, Howard said he was immediately faced with a video featuring Bree Olson — who has recently gotten out of porn and has been on the Stern Show numerous times — which gave him mixed feelings. After his initial reaction that it would be wrong, he decided to screw it and masturbate to her. “I don’t care,” he said. “She is an attractive girl.”

The issue was that the video featured Bree with a guy whose cock matched the girth of Howard’s grande coffee cup and that turned him off from it. Ultimately he ended up turning the video off and moving on.

With that, High Pitch Erik announced the day’s special guest – Anderson Cooper!

Going Off Broadway for ‘Dry Powder’

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard and Beth went to see the off-Broadway play “Dry Powder,” which stars the likes of Claire Danes, John Krasinski, and Hank Azaria among others.

“The play was really, really good,” Howard praised. “Claire Danes was excellent.”

Beth prodded Howard to go backstage afterwards to congratulate Claire on her performance since she had been a guest on the Stern Show recently. Howard said he had a really nice conversation with her before also talking to Krasinski, who he met through Jimmy Kimmel, and Azaria, whom he’s not sure if he’d met before or not.

JD Harmeyer Is Getting Cultured

Photo: Instagram

Even though his girlfriend wasn’t in town, JD reportedly went to the Met in his free time to get some culture.

“A lot of it went right over my head,” he admitted. But he will be returning to take the full tour soon.

It also came out that JD hired a maid once a month so that the apartment isn’t disgusting. “The girlfriend signed me up for it.”

Anderson Cooper on Why He’s Not Voting, His 85-Year-Old Mother Receiving Cunnilingus, and How He Survived a Mob Attack

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Renowned journalist, author, and television personality Anderson Cooper sat down with Howard again this morning to talk about “The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son On Life, Love, and Loss,” which he wrote with his mother, the intriguing Gloria Vanderbilt.

Opening up about everything from his mother’s candid sexual admissions to why he believes reporters should not vote and how he survived a mob attack in Egypt, Cooper was as engaging as ever.

Check out all of the highlights from the interview here.

Why Does Gary’s Mic Sound Tinny?

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A listener emailed the show recently wondering why Gary Dell’Abate‘s microphone always sounds so tinny when he chimes in. With 30 million subscribers can’t the Stern Show’s executive producer get an upgrade?

The answer, as Howard explained this morning, is that the sound is intentional.

“We purposefully make it sound like he’s on the phone,” the Boff said. “You want to know he’s in another room.”

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