Ronnie the Robot Is Birthed

Take a peek at the Stern Show's latest addition to the staff!

May 5, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Today featured the historic birth of a new character on the Stern Show: Ronnie the Robot.

Howard explained that sometimes when Ronnie the Limo Driver‘s insight is needed, he’s busy doing actual work. Now with Ronnie the Robot, his special brand of rhetoric will never be missed!

“I was engineered by Microsoft to answer questions and eat pussy,” Ronnie the Robot chirped. “I run off D batteries and pussy juice.”

Soon though, it became clear that Ronnie the Robot’s wires may have gotten crossed as he stumbled over line after line.

“I didn’t imagine that anything could have a worse personality than Ronnie,” Robin said.

“Honestly I’d bring back Ronnie the Robot for a second try,” Howard concluded.