Jeff the Drunk Has An Australian Groupie

According to reports, the woman is actually pretty hot too

May 9, 2016
Photo: Twitter

In a baffling turn of events, it seems that Jeff the Drunk secured a hot groupie from Australia as a result of his Periscope antics – and she’s planning on coming to visit his trailer for a conjugal visit of sorts.

Shuli interviewed Natalie, the woman, to get to the bottom of what exactly what was going on.

“He just brought so much happiness to my life … I think Jeff has a beautiful heart,” Natalie offered in explanation of their relationship.

Shuli wondered if she planned on going “all the way” with Jeff to which she immediately responded that she “absolutely” would be. “I want to marinate some baby Curros,” she said.

The woman even revealed that when Jeff sings “Born To Be Wild” on Periscope, she got so hot and bothered that she has to go masturbate.

“He is who he is,” she concluded.

A listener called up and claimed that the woman was married, so Howard got Natalie on the phone live herself to explain.

Once he got her on the line, Howard asked the most important question: Is Natalie married?

“No, never,” she insisted. Natalie explained that she’s planning on visiting Jeff the first week of June and might be staying for good if things go right.

“I need a piece of the Curro corn dog immediately,” she teased in reference to Jeff’s penis. “When Jeff coughs, I get off … it’s hot.”

Howard wasn’t totally convinced, but was willing to give Natalie the benefit of the doubt … until Shuli is able to either disprove or corroborate the situation.

Stay tuned for updates on the situation.