Show Rundown: Wednesday March 30, 2016

Robert Duvall dispels unfounded health rumors, the great JDini returns, and more!

March 30, 2016

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard kicked off the show with an encore of Robin singing “Great American Nightmare” after receiving a ton of complementary emails about the cover. He also played a brand new jazzy version of the tune.

Howard also revealed that Robert Duvall, one of the finest living actors, will be calling in to dispute a Radar Online report that he has become a recluse and suffered from a stroke.

Duvall is apparently really pissed about it and wants to disprove it on the Stern Show. “I love guys proving they don’t have a stroke. That’s excellent booking,” Howard joked to Gary.

Is Howard More Ben or Ray Stern?

Photo: Mark Seliger Photo: Mark Seliger

An early caller asked Howard whether he thought he resembles his mother or father more naturally outside of the impressions.

“I’d like to think at this point in my life, I’ve kind of found my own voice and my own identity,” Howard replied after contemplating it for a minute.

“The both of those maniacs are in my head,” he conceded though.

Robin said that when he yells at people it’s from his father, and Howard agreed, but also added that his mother contributed to that – she would freak out if Howard’s room was messy.

Howard remembered one time when he brought a group of friends (including a hot girl he liked) back to his room one day only to find a note from his mom taped to the mirror that read: “T-shirt on bed. You will be punished.”

“I was so humiliated,” he told Robin.

The caller also wanted to know if Howard, a noted germaphobe, ever allows his animals to sleep in the bed.

Howard said that it pained him to do it, but he has in the past let a dog or cat stay up there. “I do it for Leon,” he explained in reference to his beloved cat.

Richard Christy on the other hand lets his guinea pig shit in his bed. “He’s deranged,” Howard told the caller.

Weird Porn Categories

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard gave Robin the choice of either hearing a phony phone call or discussing some weird porn categories and Robin chose the latter.

As a result, Howard played clips from a strange category directed at guys “who dig chicks smoking and coughing.”

“This shows you how sick guys are,” Howard disgustedly commented as the phlegmy coughs rang out. “I don’t even understand it.”

Howard predicted that Sal Governale would be into something weird like this, but Sal countered that he would “draw the line here.”

Another weird category was centered on brother-sister paralysis porn, which Howard thought he could get down with if he had to.

“Howard, you need more therapy if you’re jerking off to this,” Sal said.

Sal also revealed that he saw his grandmother’s vagina once when he was sleeping on a cot in her room and it traumatized him for life. “It’s burnt into my head,” he shuddered.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Later, Richard Christy sent Howard a photo Sal had sent him from a hotel room after doing an appearance with Larry Caputo, who is married to the Long Island Medium.

The half-clothed duo slept in the same bed together and got more than cozy. “We’re comfortable with each other,” Sal explained.

Jimmy Kimmel vs. Ralph Cirella

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

One caller this morning wanted to know who Howard felt closer to as a friend, Jimmy Kimmel or Ralph Cirella.

“I think I’ll always be closest to Ralph … We have longevity,” Howard said. “I spend more time with Jimmy now than Ralph.”

Howard explained how he and Jimmy will just hang out and draw for the entire day as they talk, which Robin thought sounded boring.

“Jimmy was right up there and then he had a kid, which is a big minus… That was a big betrayal,” Howard joked.

Robert Duvall Did NOT Have a Stroke

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The legendary Robert Duvall called in to the Stern Show this morning to dispel a report that he had had a stroke and become a recluse as of late — which couldn’t be further from the truth.

After getting through the important business though, Howard and Robert shot the shit about everything from Duvall’s favorite new movies to his friend Rooster McConaughey and beyond in a lively and highly entertaining discussion.

Check out the highlights here and listen to one segment below:

Robin Song: “Robin’s Garry Shandling Theme”