Did David Spade Go Too Blue on ‘Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon?’

“I thought Jimmy was a little embarrassed,” the comedian tells Howard Stern

May 11, 2016

David Spade can say whatever he wants when he comes on the Stern Show, but the same isn’t necessarily true when he appears on “The Tonight Show.” On Tuesday night, David sat down with Jimmy Fallon and told some jokes that just about had the late night host blushing.

“Some of the stuff this time I thought was a little rough for a talk show,” Spade told Howard on Wednesday morning. “I thought Jimmy was a little embarrassed.”

What started off as an innocent story about how David likes to stick to the bunny slope whenever he goes skiing turned into a punchline about how his friends would rather take trails named “Devil’s Ball Sack” and “Hitler’s Abortion.”

“That’s where I go, ‘Oh wait, that had a rough one in it,'” Spade said.

But David wasn’t done pushing the envelope. He then told Jimmy how frustrated he was by the wide range of sock sizes and how glad he was that condoms weren’t marketed the same way.

“Nothing worse than a droopy rubber, huh ladies?” David said with a smile while Fallon hung his head. Producers of “The Tonight Show” should have seen this blue bit coming, though, especially since David told Howard he even tipped them off to what he was going to talk about.

“I did ask if I could say the word dick… because I watch shows now where they’re saying the dirtiest shit on TV,” Spade said.

Spade also recalled talk show advice Chris Rock once gave him: If they tell you not to do a joke, that’s the one you open with.

David Spade stars in “The Do-Over” alongside Adam Sandler, available on Netflix May 27.