Memet Walker Gets Grilled on His Hairstyle and Love Life

Howard puts the Stern staffer in the hot seat

June 13, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Seeking to cheer up Gay Ramon, Howard wondered if Memet Walker would send him the dick pic the frequent caller has been requesting for months.

Gay Ramon constantly requests photos of Memet, who he thinks is sexy, and considering the occasion, Howard wondered if Memet would send one to cheer him up.

“Sure, I heard how upset he was today,” Memet conceded. He explained how Ramon, along with a number of other men, sends him photos of his butthole among other explicit images. While uncomfortable, Memet admitted that he is “flattered by the attention.”

Sour Shoes subsequently called in with his phenomenal George Takei impression to sing Memet a few love songs.

Gay Ramon Gay Ramon Photo: The Howard Stern Show

While he was in the studio, Howard also took the chance to see what else was going on with Memet, first noticing that his hair has gotten extremely long as of late. “He looks like a man transitioning,” Howard joked.

Memet said that he’s trying to grow out his hair long enough to tie it into a man bun, which everyone else thought was a terrible idea. One caller implored him to not do it, explaining that in his circle, the haircut is not so affectionately called a “bitch handle.”

Memet also gave some updates on his dating life, revealing that he recently slept with a 40-year-old and is currently dating a 27-year-old — both from Tinder. The issue, he admitted though, is that he ejaculated far too prematurely with the elder of the two (and hasn’t yet slept with the younger).

The real shocker though was that Memet sent the woman what he described as a “sexy” shirtless photo of himself about a week later to see if she was still interested … she was not. Howard and Robin thought the photo was absolutely absurd.

“You fucking look ridiculous,” Howard commented.

“Oh my god,” Robin exclaimed. “That picture is not sexy.”

It’s safe to say Memet won’t likely be flaunting his man bun or any more “sexy” photos around the office again, but men and women alike continue to clamor for it online.

In other news, Memet reported from the Puerto Rican Day Parade over the weekend, so stay tuned for updates from that.