Show Rundown: Tuesday June 14, 2016

Stump the Booey returns to the air, plus Wolfie observes JD for the day

June 14, 2016

Good Morning Everybody!

The sound of John Fogerty performing “Have You Seen the Rain?” opened the show this morning and Howard wondered about the meaning of the lyrics.

Robin Quivers said she goes with the literal interpretation. “Don’t make me hunt for the meaning,” she joked.

Fred Norris said that the lyrics had to do with the fact that the band, Creedence Clearwater Revival, looked like they’d be breaking up at the time and it was Fogerty basically saying they had a good thing going and it didn’t need to end.

Watch Fogerty’s live version from his recent appearance above.

To Emoji or Not to Emoji

Photo: iStock

Chad from St. Louis called in this morning and opened the floodgates of discussion asking Howard if he ever uses emojis.

“It sets me off,” Howard began. “I am so against these emojis.”

Howard said he is always excited about Apple’s annual WWDC to hear what updates are in the pipeline, but this year’s announcement about larger emojis left him baffled.

“They all look the same, come on,” he said.

One person who does use emojis though is Sal Governale. “There is something sweet about emojis … Emojis are great,” he explained.

Jon Hein noted that Sal constantly uses the turtle emoji, which Sal confirmed since he, of course, was a pregnant turtle in his prior life. “I know for a fact I was,” he said.

Something else Howard noticed when Sal came into the studio was that he had on a big new crucifix ring. “Oh my god, it’s Jesus on the cross on his ring,” Howard described for listeners.

Sal insisted that he is not that religious, but Howard countered by asking: “How come you won’t make a prank call using the lord’s name in vain?”

Sal conceded that he had a few “sleepless nights” after a popular call that featured him speaking in tongues, but rationalized that he was making the world a better place by making people laugh.

Another on-staff emoji-user was revealed to be none other than Ronnie Mund. “On Twitter I use it sometimes,” he admitted. “I use the devil head a lot.”

Since Ronnie was busy during Monday’s show, Howard also wanted to get his take on Memet’s premature ejaculation issue.

Ronnie said that while he doesn’t have the problem now, the first time with a woman is always difficult. “It was pretty quick the first time I was with Steph, man,” he admitted.

Ronnie did divulge one of his secrets for prolonging sex though: “Thinking about my NASCAR shit.”

Meet Talla: ‘What’s He Saying, Robin?’

Sitting on the phone lines this morning, Howard found an interesting man named Talla from New York who said he had talked to Shuli before.

Talla was difficult to understand, telling Howard that he is autistic, but still has his realtor license and got an Uber setup in his car (though his father doesn’t trust him to drive so he drives and Talla sits in the passenger seat).

From there the stories got increasingly more wild as Talla told tales of allegedly indulging in consensual sex with his brother, getting duped into sex with a man after responding to an ad for a threesome with a husband and wife, and getting catfished elsewhere online.

Talla also claimed that Stern Show Executive Producer “Gary Belafonte” has thus far kept him off the show because he’s a racist and Talla is Senegalese.

Howard and Talla later shared a … special moment on the phone together before promising to speak again.