Wolfie Spends the Day Observing JD Harmeyer

Stern Show correspondent sets his sights on one specific staffer

June 14, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The day has finally arrived – Wolfie spent the morning observing the Stern Show’s JD Harmeyer ahead of his highly anticipated official report, which will be discussed live on the air Wednesday.

Though Howard first doubted if Wolfie would even find anything interesting considering JD was expecting to be watched, it quickly became apparent that no level of preparation could keep the Margaret Mead-like anthropologist from the truth.

“It’s about 20 minutes in and I have 15 notes already,” Wolfie told Howard early in the morning before teasing one of his first observations that centered around JD’s method of tying his shoes.

“I’m a weird guy! What do you want from me?” JD pleaded.

Wolfie revealed that he also had a number of tests with him that he intended on conducting, including one that would highlight how much plaque was on JD’s teeth.

A combative JD told Howard that while he hadn’t taken a Xanax yet, he was keeping it on-hand just in case. The easily flustered staffer said he got a prescription a few months ago after suffering from some panic attacks. “Sometimes it just creeps up on you,” he explained.

Howard was concerned about JD and warned him to stay away from the drug and to seek therapy for the root of his issues.