The Beetlejuice Sex Terms Game

Caller tries to guess if the Wack Packer can correctly identify the lingo

June 27, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Later in the morning Howard took a call from a “black ‘Game of Thrones’ fan” named Ryan whom he offered a chance to win $500 with a special game.

The self-explanatory Beetlejuice Sex Terms Game required Ryan to guess which sexual terms Beetlejuice could correctly identify.

Before the game began though, Robin told Howard that – somewhat relatedly – she hasn’t been able to shake the song lyric “Beetlejuice gettin’ his dick sucked,” from her mind throughout the day. “It’s just running through my head,” she explained.

And with that, the game kicked off.

Ryan was able to correctly guess that Beetlejuice did not know what the terms “rimjob” or “clitoris” meant, while he could in fact identify what “blowjobs” and “condoms” were. The only question Ryan got wrong was whether Beet knew what a “golden shower” was … he did.