Howard and Beth Get Apple Tattoos

The ink honors their late cat

June 27, 2016

I love my new tattoo❤️ #applestern

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Last Wednesday evening Howard and Beth visited one of the premiere tattoo artists in the world, Scott Campbell, to get matching apple designs in honor of their late first cat who was named Apple.

“She was really our miracle,” Howard explained. The kitten was dropped off at the North Shore Animal League with no fur and required some serious rehabilitation.

Howard had a design in mind, but he decided to let Campbell decide for himself considering his reputation. The renowned tattoo artist recently put together an art installation where people could stick their arm in a glory hole type of setup and subject themselves to the tattoo of his choosing.

Happy with how this most recent design came out, Howard said he is now considering letting Scott fix the big brown Capricorn symbol he had tattooed on his arm many years ago. “It’s the dumbest fucking symbol,” he complained. “I hate astrology so much.”