‘Donald Trump’ Brings His Wheel of Minorities to the Stern Show

Hear impressionist Anthony Atamanuik unveil what the Republican nominee will do his first week in the White House

July 25, 2016
"Donald Trump" and running mate "Mike Pence" visit the Stern Show “Donald Trump” and running mate “Mike Pence” visit the Stern Show Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Fresh off officially being named the Republican nominee for president, “Donald Trump” returned to the Stern Show to unveil the plans he has for his first week in office should he win the White House in November. The last time “Mr. Trump” visited, he and “Bernie Sanders” gave America the debate they wanted and discussed important issues like how to handle ISIS and how they felt about Robin Quivers’ breasts.

On Monday morning, the conservative candidate brought his running mate, “Mike Pence,” into the studio with him, as well as one of the tools he plans to use when he becomes president: The Wheel of Minorities. Hear “Trump” (AKA impressionist Anthony Atamanuik) take it for a spin in the clip below.